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Trailblazing Risk Leaders: A Journey of Mastery on RiskMasters with Julien Haye

RiskMasters Introductory Episode with Julien Haye

RiskMasters introductory episode transcript

Warren Buffett once said, 'Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.' Today, we're here to make sure you know exactly what you're doing.


Bonjour and Welcome to the RiskMasters podcast where the art of risk leadership takes centre stage. I'm your host, Julien Haye, a seasoned risk expert with a passion for guiding organisations through uncharted territories.


I'm thrilled to provide you with a glimpse into what this show is all about. Whether you're a business executive, a risk expert, or someone just stepping into the world of risk, this podcast is your gateway to informed decision-making and impactful leadership.


Our mission: to offer you a platform for meaningful conversations that delve deep into the intricacies of risk management. We'll explore best practices, emerging trends, real-world experiences, and personal stories, all aimed at helping you thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.


Through engaging discussions with renowned Board Directors, risk practitioners, and business executives, you'll uncover the latest developments in the industry. We'll cover a wide range of topics including risk culture, strategies, emerging risks, cybersecurity, compliance, AI/ML applied to risk management and much more. My aim is to provide you with insights that inspire innovative and critical thinking, and foster continuous learning, keeping you ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving risk landscape.


For example, in our first episode airing in October, I'll have the pleasure of sitting down with Terri Duhon. We'll dive into her career, exploring her invaluable experiences serving on the boards of financial institutions like Rathbone and Wise. Terri will shed light on her expectations for the risk function as an independent non-executive director. The next interview will take place with Britta Achmann, a leading market risk expert where will discuss the impact of AI and ML on market risk management and trading activities.


So, why this show? This idea has been brewing in my mind for several months, sparked by a desire to promote exceptional careers and remarkable individuals. You can expect to learn valuable tips and best practices from these outstanding leaders. Moreover, I wanted to connect with businesses and understand, from executives and board directors, what truly captures their focus.


Is this show for you? Our target audience includes risk practitioners, business leaders, and anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of risk management. Perhaps you're familiar with my background in risk management via My journey in risk management stems from a deep-rooted passion for understanding the business perspective.


How will it work? As we embark on this exciting venture, you can expect a diverse range of content, including guest interviews, thought-provoking blogs, insightful articles, and my own perspectives. But this isn't a one-way street—I want to hear from you too. Your feedback, questions, and comments are invaluable, and you can reach out through our feedback page or by email.


Who are our guests? I will bring you face-to-face with the brightest minds in risk management. My guests aren't just experts; they're trailblazers. From Board Directors to seasoned risk practitioners, you'll gain exclusive access to the insights and strategies that have shaped industries. And I will start the podcast series by interviewing exceptional female risk leaders.


You will find more information on my website including the transcript and the notes of all episodes, as well as tons of thought leaderships articles on risk management.


Thank you for joining and being a part of the RiskMasters community. Your insights, questions, and feedback are invaluable. Let's keep this conversation going. Visit my website and share your thoughts.


As we conclude, remember that true mastery in risk leadership isn't just a skill; it's a mindset. It's about approaching challenges with confidence, adapting to change, and seizing opportunities where others see obstacles. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


Until next time, keep honing your craft, keep embracing risks, and keep shaping the future.


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