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Risk & Compliance Consulting and Advisory

Maximise the value of your compliance and risk management resources while guaranteeing full regulatory compliance with Aevitium LTD structured framework. Our team leverages its extensive expertise and broad insights to identify and address hidden challenges, offering you clarity and transforming your risk and compliance functions into strategic enablers.

Initial Assessment and Strategy Development

Evaluate your current risk practices, identify strategic risks, and develop tailored risk strategies, including an integrated enterprise risk framework.

Implementation and Transformation

Turn your vision and objectives into reality through facilitated workshops and expert guidance. Our world-class team of risk experts will assist you in transforming your risk management framework and governance structures.

Ongoing Management and Monitoring

Manage operational, technological, cybersecurity, financial and strategic risks, assuring regulatory compliance while optimising your capital and liquidity resources.

Advanced Risk Analytics and Reporting

Stay on top of your risks and regulatory obligations by rolling out and embedding data analytics and advanced risk reporting, while managing third-party and ESG risks.

Crisis and Contingency Planning

Prepare to respond effectively to crises and ensure business continuity and resilience.

General Advisory and Consultancy Services

Throughout, receive ongoing advisory and consultancy support to identify and address unknown challenges.







Discover Our Latest White Paper

Aevitium LTD White Paper on When Operational Resilience and Consumer Duty collide

When Operational Resilience and Consumer Duty collide

In this report, we explore how Consumer Duty and Operational Resilience can occasionally conflict and generate some localised pain points, posing challenges for resource allocation, bolstering regulatory compliance, and strategic planning. 

Meet our Risk and Compliance Experts

Aevitium LTD partners with a network of independent risk and compliance experts spanning Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and India.

Featured Case Studies and Insights

General Risk Advisory and Consultancy Services

Some of our clients prefer to use our services on an ongoing basis through regular and frequent interactions. Other clients use our services to figure out where to start and what problem to address. Or you might simply want to benefit from the resources we provide. 


Take advantage of regular and frequent interactions to receive ongoing support and address your current pressing challenges.

Scenario Analysis

Conduct advanced scenario analysis to predict potential impacts and develop response strategies.

Thought Leadership

Access whitepapers, research studies, and expert opinions to inform your risk management strategies.

Regulatory Change Management

Assess the potential impact of new regulations and develop compliance strategies.

Industry Trends and Insights

Stay informed about the latest industry trends and emerging risks through regular briefings and reports.

Technology and Innovation Advisory

Advise on the selection and implementation of risk management software and tools.

Ready to bring your risk and compliance to the next level?

Reach out today to discover how our integrated approach will help you to achieve your objectives. At Aevitium LTD, we’re dedicated to providing personalised approach through our risk advisory services.

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