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Julien Haye, Managing Director at Aevitium LTD

About Aevitium's Founder,
Julien Haye

Proud father of a little bundle of joy, I am a pragmatic risk taker, and a creative people-centric leader. I am a commercially astute risk and compliance expert with over 24 years of experience in the financial service industry. I am also a public speaker and writer who enjoys sharing my expertise on various topics.

About Aevitium, Risk and Compliance Consultancy

Aevitium LTD was founded by Julien Haye with a vision shaped by a rich family history in entrepreneurship. The decision to embark on the journey of establishing a consultancy firm specialising in risk and compliance was not just a professional move but a personal and purposeful one, influenced significantly by the lessons learned from a family legacy and a career path defined by calculated risk-taking.


Inspired by the "family DNA" and the desire to make a positive impact, Julien Haye took a carefully prepared leap into entrepreneurship. Establishing an effective collaborative network, planning for a revenue hiatus, and avoiding material risks without a solid understanding became integral components of the entrepreneurial strategy.


Six months into the launch of Aevitium LTD, Julien Haye reflects on the journey, expressing gratitude for the support received and the exciting projects on the horizon. The decision to set up this consultancy is not merely a career move; it's a commitment to bring over two decades of diverse experience, ranging from front-office trading to leading risk functions, to organisations seeking transformation and strategic enablement.


Driven by a passion for transformation, challenging the status quo, collaboration, and continuous learning, Julien Haye envisions Aevitium LTD as a catalyst for elevating risk and compliance capabilities to new heights. The consultancy aims not only to deliver exceptional services but to fundamentally shift these functions into core strategic enablers, reflecting Julien Haye's dedication to making a positive impact on organisations and stakeholders.


Listening Deeply, Guiding Expertly, Empowering Always!

Our commitment lies in providing you with expert guidance, tailored solutions and learning paths, and cost-effective risk management strategies, empowering businesses to thrive amidst uncertainties.

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