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Julien Haye, Managing Director at Aevitium LTD

About Aevitium's Founder,
Julien Haye

Julien Haye, founder of Aevitium LTD, is a pragmatic risk-taker and creative leader with over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry. Specialising in transforming risk and compliance functions into strategic enablers, he leverages practical insights and problem-solving expertise to help organisations navigate complex regulatory and risk landscapes. 

About Aevitium, Risk and Compliance Consultancy

Julien Haye founded Aevitium LTD, motivated by a long family business history and a career characterised by deliberate risk-taking. The decision to launch a risk and compliance consultancy was driven by a personal desire to use his extensive knowledge and insights to assist executives in identifying and resolving challenging issues.

Inspired by the "family DNA" and the desire to make a positive impact, Julien took a carefully prepared leap into entrepreneurship. Establishing an effective collaborative network, planning for a revenue hiatus, and mitigating material risks became integral components of his entrepreneurial strategy.

Six months into the launch of Aevitium LTD, Julien reflects on the journey with gratitude for the support received and excitement for the projects on the horizon. This consultancy is not merely a career move; it’s a commitment to bringing over two decades of diverse experience—from front-office trading to leading risk functions—to organisations seeking transformation and strategic enablement.

Passionate about innovation, change, and ongoing education, Julien believes Aevitium LTD is a catalyst for transforming risk and compliance. The consultancy focuses on turning these functions into important strategic enablers, helping CEOs navigate complex regulatory environments and build organisational resilience.

Julien is dedicated to improving organisations and their leadership. Aevitium LTD seeks to provide outstanding service by uncovering underlying issues and opportunities while offering customised solutions.

Listening Deeply, Guiding Expertly, Empowering Always!

Our commitment is to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions, leveraging deep insights and extensive experience to help you identify and resolve your most pressing challenges. Let us empower your business with cost-effective risk management strategies and learning paths that enable you to thrive amidst uncertainties.

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