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Discover Aevitium's Foundational Risk & Compliance Training Programme

Foundational Risk & Compliance Training Programme

Dive into risk mastery with Aevitium's Foundational Risk & Compliance Training

Programme — your key to unlocking risk intelligence, skills and core concepts. From compliance essentials to fraud prevention and digital innovation risks, we've distilled core knowledge into engaging webinars. Join us for a transformative journey in risk management excellence. Ready to empower your career? Start here!

What to Expect?  

  • Experience our Virtual Training Programme: interactive courses you can enjoy from the comfort and convenience of your own home

  • Enjoy significant savings with no travel or accommodation costs

  • Choose from 7 specialised training courses, focusing solely on what you need and want to learn

  • A new training course available every month, ensuring continuous learning and development

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee


Do you want to discover what it takes to work in risk management? Learn about the essential concepts and skills for a successful career in this field.

Training course 1: Introduction to Risk Management

Training 2: Compliance Fundamentals

  • Objective: To equip you with essential knowledge about regulatory compliance, enabling you to navigate complex compliance landscapes. 

  • Learning Objectives

    • Regulatory Landscape

    • Compliance Frameworks

    • Compliance Monitoring

    • Case Studies

  • Pre-readings

  • Delivery Method: Webinar

  • Duration: 1H30

  • Cost: £90

Training 3: Fraud Awareness and Prevention

  • Objective: To cultivate awareness and skills necessary for detecting, preventing, and responding to fraudulent activities. You will gain insights into various types of fraud, implementing preventive measures, and understanding the implications for organisational integrity.

  • Learning Objectives

    • Types of Fraud

    • Fraud Detection Techniques

    • Prevention Strategies

    • Real-life Scenarios

  • Delivery Method: Webinar

  • Duration: 1H30

  • Cost: £90

Training 4: Digital Transformation and Risk Management

  • Objective: To explore the risks associated with digital change and transformation initiatives. You will learn to identify potential pitfalls, integrate risk management practices into digital projects, and ensure a secure and resilient digital infrastructure.

  • Learning Objectives

    • Risks in Digital Transformation

    • Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation

    • Integrating Risk Management in Digital Projects

    • Emerging Technologies and Risks

  • Pre-readings

  • Delivery Method: Webinar

  • Duration: 1H30

  • Cost: £90

Training 5: Third-Party Risk Management

  • Objective: To develop proficiency in managing risks associated with third-party relationships. You will understand the importance of effective vendor management, contractual considerations, and how to mitigate risks stemming from external partnerships.

  • Learning Objectives

    • Third-Party Risk Assessment

    • Vendor Management

    • Legal and Compliance Aspects

    • Best Practices

  • Delivery Method: Webinar

  • Duration: 1H30

  • Cost: £90

Training 6: Data Privacy and Security

  • Objective: To provide you with a foundational understanding of data privacy regulations and cybersecurity measures. You will learn best practices for safeguarding sensitive information, creating a secure data environment, and responding to potential breaches.

  • Learning Objectives

    • Data Protection Regulations

    • Cybersecurity Measures

    • Secure Data Handling

    • Incident Response Plans

  • Delivery Method: Webinar

  • Duration: 1H30

  • Cost: £90

Training 7: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Awareness

  • Objective: To instil a comprehensive understanding of the impact of environmental, social, and governance factors on organisational risk. You will learn how to integrate ESG considerations into risk management strategies, aligning business practices with sustainability goals.

  • Learning Objectives

    • ESG Frameworks

    • Impact on Risk Management

    • Sustainability and Risk

    • Reporting and Compliance

  • Delivery Method: Webinar

  • Duration: 1H30

  • Cost: £90

Invest in your Future for £90

Your investment in professional development is a crucial step towards mastering risk and compliance management. The programme cost is set at £90 per training, reflecting Aevitium's commitment to providing valuable, accessible, and affordable education.

Global Networking Opportunities

Engage with fellow participants through online forums and discussion groups enable networking among professionals worldwide. Our platform facilitates knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the creation of a global professional community.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Participants can access the training from anywhere, allowing for flexibility in learning schedules. Depending on demand, we might make the trainings available online. This approach accommodates professionals with diverse work commitments, making education more accessible.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development

Gain a solid understanding of the essential elements in risk and compliance management while elevating your skills through easily digestible bite-sized training sessions.


Eliminate travel expenses and reduces the costs associated with traditional classroom training. This training programme is cost-effective for both individuals and organisations, especially for remote or distributed teams. In addition, you can enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’d like more information about our foundational risk and compliance training programme, get in touch today.

Additional Information and Policies

You will find below the link to useful policies and procedures related to your risk and compliance training course. 

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