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Non-Profit Organisations & Charities
Risk Management Services

Assess your organisation

You don't know whether you meet the Charity Commission's requirements, and you only have an uninformed opinion or perception of how good your organisation's governance practices are. Use the free Aevitium LTD governance assessment scorecard.

You need an intervention now!

You are experiencing significant governance and/or risk management issues. You don't know how to fix them. Our team of risk experts is here to see you through difficult times.


You need ongoing support

Your organisation is too large to go without focus on risk management, but you wonder whether there is a more effective and efficient way to access risk management support. We have it all: people, system and expertise.


Keep Changing Society!

If you are a trustee or manage a charity or non-profit organisation in the United Kingdom, you have no choice but to be aware of your organisation's risks. And you must ensure your governance arrangements enable you to make well-informed decisions to support the communities you serve while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. This is painful and resource-intensive, but the alternative can be highly costly for you personally. Aevitium LTD has designed a suite of risk management services tailored for your needs to ensure you can continue making such a positive impact on society and change the lives of so many people. 

Assess and score the strength of your organisation's governance and risk arrangements

The success of your mission and your ability to support the community you serve are highly dependent on your organisation's resilience, regulatory compliance, and governance arrangements. And if you are a trustee, you might have personal liability thrown into the mix.

Take the assessment (about 4min) and determine which areas you need to improve in order to stay safe and ensure your endeavour's long-term sustainability.

Get help to address governance and risk challenges

You're looking to prevent issues from materialising, stay compliant with regulatory changes, manage growth, prepare for audits, or recover from a recent problem. You don't have the expertise and/or resources to do it yourself. You might not even know where to start. We tailor our risk consulting services to meet your specific needs to ensure your charity operates effectively, maintains donor trust, and achieves long-term sustainability.

Math Teacher

Step 1

Identify the problem(s)

You cannot fix a problem you don't know exists. Worse, you might be focusing on the wrong problem. We help you identify your real objectives and understand the obstacles preventing you from achieving them.

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Step 2

Formulate solutions

You are now clear on what you want to achieve and why you can't. We guide you design practical solutions that work for you and that you and your team can actually implement and manage.

Working in Office

Step 3

Execute the roadmap

You have a vision, but you're unsure how to achieve it. You may also need help managing the additional work required to reach your goal. We will help you create a workable roadmap and provide the resources to execute it successfully.

Lucy Owen

Former CEO, Dyspraxia Foundation

"Julien was fantastic to work with; he is professional, understanding, and incredibly supportive. He listened to my situation, gave me sound advice and guidance to help me navigate the board and get them engaged with the process, and provided excellent insight into our organisation's risk management needs. The resources and information he provided were invaluable in supporting me to drive home the importance of improving our risk understanding and processes. Thank you!"

Latest Charity Risk and Governance Insights

Get ongoing support with our fractional risk officers

Your organisation is too large to ignore the importance of governance and risk management. Yet, you may be wondering if there's a smart, efficient way to access top-tier risk management support. You might have considered large consulting firms, but an affordable secondment isn’t on their menu.

That’s where we come in. We offer the complete package: skilled people, advanced systems, and unmatched expertise. Plus, we understand that you might not need a full-time resource. Our fractional risk officers provide the flexibility and proficiency you need, exactly when you need it.

Aevitium LTD partners with GOAT Risk™ to deliver a pain free way to manage risk - so you can get on with managing your business. GOAT's easy to use risk management software provides a platform to improve engagement, collaboration, identification, assignment, tracking, reporting and management of risk, whilst quickly embedding risk capability amongst users. 

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