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CPD - Introduction to Risk Management Online Training Course

Introduction to Risk Management Online Training Course by Aevitium LTD

Less than 5 DAYS TO GO before the Introduction to Risk Management training course. The training material is ready; I have put together some fantastic training notes to provide you with detailed back-up information. 

CPD accreditation - I am delighted to report that this training is now CPD accredited (Accreditation Number per CPD register: #500260) and you will receive a certificate counting toward your continuous professional development.

Training Course Overview:

Embark on an educational journey in risk management guided by our expert trainers. Aevitium's foundational course offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of risk management. Designed with beginners in mind, this course will help you develop the skills to recognise, evaluate, and address risks in various business environments.

What You'll Learn:

1) Fundamentals of Risk: Explore key concepts

2) Identifying Risks: Techniques for recognising potential hazards

3) Risk Evaluation: Skills for assessing and analysing risks

4) Strategies for Risk Mitigation: Learn how to effectively manage and lessen risks

Meet Your Instructor, Julien Haye:

Julien brings his extensive experience in risk and compliance management to the classroom. As a valued member of the Risk Learning Faculty and holder of FRM and ACSI certifications, he is committed to supporting you throughout your educational journey.

Delivery Method: Webinar

Duration: 1H30

Cost: £90

About the Course:

Join Aevitium's Foundational Risk & Compliance Training Programme and gain invaluable insights into managing risks effectively.

Ready to Start?

Register today and elevate your knowledge in risk management!

Receive the course material and CPD Certificate

For those of you who have attended the course you will receive the course material, tutor notes and attendance certificate by email within 10 business days after the event. If you do not receive the documents after 10 business days, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form here. This will include the instruction to receive the CPD certificate (check page 24 of the side deck)

Request a refund

You can change your mind at any time before the event and you benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee if the event does not meet your expectations. Please note that Eventbrite’s fees are non-refundable. To request a refund please use the form here.

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