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How to Manage Emerging Risks

A guide to managing emerging risks

In an ever-changing business landscape, managing emerging risks is essential for securing a competitive edge and ensuring long-term sustainability. Emerging risks, by nature, are difficult to predict and can have profound impacts on an organisation's operations, reputation, and bottom line. This article guides you through a structured approach to turn potential threats into strategic advantages.

Identifying Emerging Risks


Identifying emerging risks is the cornerstone of proactive risk management. It involves constantly scanning the external environment for signals of change that could potentially impact the organisation. Techniques such as environmental scanning, trend analysis, and scenario planning are valuable in uncovering potential emerging risks. Engaging with stakeholders, including customers, employees, and industry experts, can also provide insights into new challenges and opportunities on the horizon.


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Assessing and Prioritising Emerging Risks


Once identified, the next step is to assess and prioritise these risks based on their potential impact on the organisation and the likelihood of their occurrence. Given the inherent uncertainty of emerging risks, this process often involves a combination of qualitative judgment and quantitative analysis. Risk assessment tools like risk matrices and impact/probability charts can help in evaluating and ranking risks, enabling organisations to focus their resources on the most significant threats.

Developing and Implementing Emerging Risk Strategies


When developing emerging risk strategies, organisations must develop and implement strategies to address them. The choice of response—whether to avoid, mitigate, transfer, or accept the risk—will depend on the organisation's risk appetite and strategic objectives.


For each significant risk, a tailored action plan should be devised, outlining specific measures to manage or capitalise on the risk. Flexibility and agility are key, as the uncertain nature of emerging risks means that strategies may need to be adapted as new information becomes available.


For example, when developing strategies to mitigate technological risks, consider both traditional cybersecurity measures and innovative AI-driven monitoring systems. As new threats emerge, regularly update your action plans to include the latest defensive technologies.

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Monitoring and Reviewing Emerging Risks


Effective management of emerging risks requires ongoing monitoring and review. This ensures that any new information or changes in the external environment are quickly identified and assessed for their potential impact on the organisation. Regular reviews of the risk landscape and the effectiveness of response strategies are also necessary to ensure that the risk framework remains relevant and effective over time.

Leveraging Technology in Emerging Risk Management


Incorporating technology in risk management, particularly advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning, is a game-changer. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can provide valuable insights into potential risks and trends, enabling organisations to respond more swiftly and effectively. Moreover, digital platforms can facilitate collaboration and information sharing across the organisation, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to emerging risk management.



Managing emerging risks is an integral part of strategic planning and organisational resilience. By identifying, assessing, prioritising, and responding to these risks with agility, organisations can safeguard their interests and capitalise on new opportunities. Leveraging technology further strengthens this process, providing the tools needed for effective and efficient risk management. In navigating the complexities of the modern business world, a robust approach to managing emerging risks is not just beneficial—it's essential.


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