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At Aevitium, we help you to meet your objectives and to identify hidden challenges and confidently face difficult situations with practical insights. By collaborating with industry experts and business leaders, we provide innovative and cost-effective risk advisory services and solutions. No matter the size of your organisation, our insights are designed to improve strategic decision-making, identify overlooked issues and opportunities, regulatory compliance, and drive business resilience.

Welcome to AevitiumLTD

My name is Julien Haye

I am the Managing Director at Aevitium LTD, a leading Risk Advisory. As a pragmatic risk-taker and commercially astute expert, I bring over 24 years of accumulated insights and wisdom in the financial services and highly regulated industries.

Julien Haye, Managing Director at Aevitium LTD

Discover Our Latest White Paper

Aevitium LTD White Paper on When Operational Resilience and Consumer Duty collide

When Operational Resilience and Consumer Duty collide

In this report, we explore how Consumer Duty and Operational Resilience can occasionally conflict and generate some localised pain points, posing challenges for resource allocation, ensuring regulatory compliance, and strategic planning. 

Aevitium LTD your Partner to Achieve Risk and Compliance Excellence


Seeking Strategic Insights to Uncover and Solve Hidden Challenges

You want to take your risk management and compliance functions to the next level. Aevitium LTD's Risk Advisory Services are designed to help you understand how to transform and unleash the full potential of your talented employees while providing better value for money.


Looking for Cost-Effective Risk Management 

You require an affordable risk management solution. Aevitium LTD provides an outsourced alternative to establishing an internal risk and compliance unit, allowing you to focus on your core skills while our professionals handle all elements of risk management and regulatory compliance.


Unlocking your Potential with Tailored Risk and Compliance Education

You want to maximise your and the potential of your people through specialised education. Aevitium LTD creates training solutions to provide you with critical insights and skills, whether you are an experienced professional or new to risk and compliance. Our expert-led programmes are tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to stay ahead in a constantly changing world.

Aevitium LTD Risk Case Studies and Insights

Ready to bring your risk and compliance to the next level?

Reach out today to discover how our integrated approach will help you to achieve your objectives. At Aevitium LTD, we’re dedicated to providing personalised approach through our risk advisory services.

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