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  • Julien Haye

How to develop a risk vision

In this second video, I address a couple of critical questions every Chief Risk Officers (CROs) should I ask: "Where do we want to go as a function?" and “What is our purpose?”.

Many CROs face the challenge of having robust frameworks in place, yet struggling to impact their firm's strategic direction. The Aevitium Integrated Risk Framework, anchored by compelling vision statements, transforms risk management from compliance-driven to strategic.

Key benefits:

🔹 Clear purpose & direction for employees

🔹 Aligns efforts with organizational goals

🔹 Fosters shared vision & responsibility

🔹 Reinforces positive identity & engagement

Implementing such statement requires addressing challenges like change resistance and cultural alignment. Balancing aspiration with realism, stakeholder involvement, and regular review are crucial.

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