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Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

Crisis and Contingency Planning

Only preparation works! Be ready to face material disruption and strengthen your organisational resilience through diligent planning. 

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If you have already experienced a cyberattack or major technology outage, you will have already built up some muscle memory for your next crisis. And if you haven't encountered a crisis yet, it's probable that you will in the near future. This is a consequence of our world's unpredictable nature.

You want to be well-prepared to recognise and, if possible, prevent an incident from escalating into a crisis. And if it develops into a full-fledged crisis, your team needs to be able to focus on responding to the crisis, not figuring out, for example, where the list of key contacts is and how to communicate with your executive team and potentially your board. 

We want to prepare you for the ineluctable crisis you will face and ensure you will be able to respond to it. 

How does this work? 


Operational Resilience

Maintain essential business functions despite disruptions by identifying critical business processes and functions, developing redundancy plans, and creating strategies for operational flexibility.


Incident Response

Identify and respond to specific incidents such as cyber-attacks, data breaches, fraud or physical security threats.


Business Continuity Planning

Ensure plans are in place to maintain operations during disruptions including technology outages, supply-chain disruptions, natural events, and more. 


Recovery Planning

Restoring IT systems and data after a disruption through detailed plans for backup, data recovery, and restoring critical IT infrastructure, including cloud services.


Crisis Management 

Prepare to respond effectively to a crisis in the least harmful way for you and your clients, through planning, training, effective communication and scenario testing. 

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