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Julien Haye speaking at a risk conference

Risk & Compliance Training Courses

Aevitium is your trusted partner in structuring and delivering comprehensive risk and compliance management training courses. Our expertise, proven track record, and tailored curriculum make Aevitium a standout choice for organisations and professionals seeking excellence in risk and compliance management education. Our commitment to high quality in this domain is echoed in the outstanding feedback received from industry leaders.

Julien Haye is Certified Risk Learning Faculty

Julien Haye, Managing Director at Aevitium, is a Certified Risk Learning Faculty and accredited CPD Trainer

As a member of the Risk Learning Faculty, Julien Haye stands recognised as an expert in the complex domain of risk and compliance management. Boasting over 24 years of experience in highly regulated industries, Julien specialises in risk and compliance management, business strategy, and leadership. His approach is centred on delivering holistic and practical training courses and programmes, tailor-made to empower professionals with actionable insights and real-world skills. Collaborating with a cadre of seasoned industry experts, Julien ensures a broad coverage of pivotal topics, ranging from risk management to fraud, change management, ESG, and beyond. 

Julien Haye is CPD Accredited

The CPD trainer accreditation is a testament to Julien's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of teaching and his commitment to fostering continuous professional development. 

Training Courses Overview

Aevitium LTD offers a meticulously structured suite of Risk and Compliance Management Courses, designed to empower professionals with the acumen and agility required in today's dynamic regulatory landscapes. We endeavour to have each course CPD accredited. 

In-Person Risk & Compliance Management Workshops 

Foundational Risk and Compliance Management Online Course

Advanced Risk and Compliance Management Online Course

Experience our bespoke workshops where personalised interaction and strategic networking converge to enhance your proficiency in risk and compliance management.

Dive into risk mastery with Aevitium's Foundational Risk & Compliance CPD Trainings — your key to unlocking risk and compliance intelligence. 

Get equipped with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and practical insights to effectively navigate and manage complex risk and compliance landscapes.

Our training courses are tailored to integrate key industry concepts and practices, ensuring that you gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are immediately applicable in your professional environment. Engage with our expert-led training and unlock your potential in the pivotal realms of risk and compliance management.

Invest in your Future for £90

Your investment in professional development is a crucial step towards mastering risk and compliance management. Our online programme cost is set at £90 per training, reflecting Aevitium's commitment to providing valuable, accessible, and affordable education.

Past Events

Aevitium Client's feedback

​"Thank you as well for your fantastic presentation at the training course this week- I personally really enjoyed your session and thought you were extremely engaging with the audience and gave ample opportunity for questions and discussion which is great; I’m sure the participants would agree too."​

Katelyn Zdunek / Training Course Producer at

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