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Integrated Risk Framework by Aevitium LTD

Integrated Risk Framework

A modular approach to help you to conduct a complete end-to-end assessment and transformation of your risk and compliance functions. 

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You need to evolve or revolutionise your risk management and compliance functions. And you need assistance determining what to change and at what cost.

Aevitium LTD's Integrated Risk Framework helps you to approach your risk transformation journey holistically, clarify your vision and plan, assess your current situation, and outline the necessary steps and business case to achieve your objectives.

How does this work? 


Define your Vision and Strategy

Define your vision and how your risk function contributes to your organisation's overall strategic objectives.


Assess your Risk Function

Conduct a thorough and methodical evaluation of your risk governance, frameworks, technology, and human resources in relation to your vision and strategy to identify any gaps and potential opportunities for improvements. 


Map-out your Risk Transformation Journey

Create a step-by-step roadmap to deliver your vision and address identified gaps.


Syndicate your Business Case

Create and syndicate a business case to enshrine and communicate your vision through tangible targets while securing the necessary resources to deliver on your vision. 


Execute your Roadmap

Mobilise your resources, with our support, to deliver your vision.

Listen to our introduction to the Aevitium Integrated Risk Framework

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Reach out today to discover how our integrated approach will help you to achieve your objectives. At Aevitium LTD, we’re dedicated to providing personalised approach through our risk advisory services.

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