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Integrated Risk Framework

Aevitium LTD’s Integrated Risk Framework provides you with an independent assessment of your risk and compliance framework, to unlock both strategic and operational management of risks, driving value creation and optimisation of resources. This 10 steps modular approach delivers ambitious yet targeted assessments and solutions, while empowering and guiding your people through their transformative journey.

Elevate your Risk Management Function
to the Next Level

The Integrated Risk Framework seamlessly combines strategic and operational management of risks, identifying opportunities to strengthen and simplify risk and compliance activities, optimising resources and cost structure. 

Strategic Alignment

Seamlessly align risk management with your long-term organisational goals and objectives

Build Trust

Demonstrate a proactive approach to risk and compliance management to enhance stakeholder confidence in your organisation, starting with regulators and clients.


Streamline day-to-day operations, cut costs, and minimise disruptions with optimised risk activities.

Client Feedback on Aevitium Integrated Risk Framework

What my Clients say...

“Julien was expert and patient in translating a jumble of fragmented thoughts into a clear and eloquent vision and thoughtful and perceptive mission statements, drawing on his own extensive experience while appreciating the nuances of our firm”

Head of Risk, Asset Management

Aevitium Integrated Risk Management

What will you get out of Aevitium's independent risk framework assessment?

You will get three core deliverables to ensure your risk management function meets your expectations: ​

1) Risk vision and Strategy (items 1,2)

2) Risk framework assessment (items 3-7)

3) Implementation roadmap and communication plan (items 8-10)


Vision and Mission

A clear vision and mission statement for strategic management of risk that aligns with the organisation's overall strategic direction and goals. This provides a guiding framework and direction for risk management efforts at all level of the firm.


Governance and Leadership

Effective risk governance structures that ensures leadership engagement. This includes policies and frameworks. Define roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for managing strategic (primary focus) and operational level risks, including oversight from senior management and the board. 


Risk Integration in Decision-Making

Integration of risk considerations into the organisation's decision-making processes. Ensure that risk assessments and analysis are integrated into strategic and operational planning, investment decisions, and other key decision-making activities.


Capacity Building and Skill Development

Building capacity and enhancing skills are essential for both strategic and operational risk management. This involves providing training, education, and professional development opportunities to employees at all levels. Strengthening capabilities ensures that risks are effectively identified, assessed, and managed at both strategic and operational levels.


Monitoring and Reporting

Implement a robust monitoring and reporting system for all risks. Define key risk indicators (KRIs) and performance metrics to track risk management effectiveness. Provide regular reports to senior management and the board to enable informed decision-making.


Strategy and Objectives

A comprehensive risk strategy that outlines the organisation's approach to managing strategic risks. Set clear risk management objectives, priorities, and key initiatives that align with the organisation's strategic goals. The specific objectives and initiatives may have a more direct impact on strategic or operational level risk management based on their alignment with strategic goals or operational processes.


Risk Assessment and Analysis

Thorough risk assessments and analysis frameworks to identify and prioritise risks at all levels. Evaluate both existing and emerging risks, considering internal and external factors that could impact the achievement of strategic objectives.


Capability Assessment

Alignment of your organisation's existing and future risk management capabilities to strategic needs. Evaluate the skills, resources, systems, and processes needed to manage strategic and operational level risks effectively. Identify gaps and develop plans to enhance existing capabilities.


Communication and Alignment

Establish effective communication channels to ensure alignment on risk-related goals and objectives. Communicate the risk strategy, vision, and progress to key stakeholders, including employees, senior management, the board, and external parties.


Continuous Improvement and Learning

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning in risk management. Regularly review and update risk strategies, assessments, and mitigation plans based on changing landscapes and lessons learned.

Take the next Step

Empower your business to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Reach out to Aevitium LTD today and embark on a journey towards enhanced compliance, operational resilience, and financial stability. Let us tailor a strategy that is uniquely suited to your organisation's needs, allowing you to focus on what matters most—making a meaningful impact in the communities you serve.

Get in touch to schedule a consultation, and let Aevitium LTD be your risk and compliance trusted partner. Together, let's build a foundation for lasting business success and innovation.

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