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Risk Management Outsourcing

In today's ever evolving business landscape, staying ahead of risks is paramount. That's why Aevitium LTD offers risk management as a service, freeing you from the burden of navigating complex uncertainties while enabling you to effectively manage your cost base. By partnering with Aevitium LTD, you can focus on what you do best while our fractional risk experts handle your risk management needs with precision and expertise.

Our Offer Structure

At Aevitium LTD, we provide a flexible and scalable approach to outsourcing through a subscription model. Choose from quarterly or annual plans that suit your business needs. Additionally, we offer customisation for specialised services such as cybersecurity risk assessments, compliance audits, or custom mitigation strategies, all for additional fees. Our services extend to one-time projects and retainer-based support, allowing you to tailor the solution that fits your requirements.


Non-Profits Organisations

Tailored Risk Management for Non-profits: Navigating Compliance, Enhancing Resilience, Ensuring Impact.


Small and Medium-size Enterprises

Efficient Risk Management for Small and Medium-size Enterprises as a driver to business growth

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Startups and Growth-Stage Businesses

Empowering growth through strategic risk outsourcing for startups, growth-stage businesses, including FinTech and Regtech

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A Comprehensive Solution

You will gain can access to outstanding risk management services through a quarterly subscription.


Supported by proven, but simple, technology solution

Fractional Risk Officers

Access deep expertise 


Tailored quarterly subscription

Tailored Offering

Aevitium LTD offers a set of three foundational outsourcing solutions, based on a quarterly or annually subscription model.

Project Management

We can also support you with specific, one-time projects, through a project-based pricing. This includes clearly define scope, deliverables, and timeline for the project to determine its cost.

Additional Expertises

We can customise our offer to meet your specific needs and specialised services such cybersecurity risk assessments, compliance audits or custom risk mitigation strategies for additional fees.


We can operate on a retainer basis allocating the number of days or hours per month to support you with risk and compliance needs. 

If you’d like more information about our pricing structure.

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