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Risk Management Explained

Embark on a learning journey through concise videos unraveling the essential realms of risk and compliance. From the intricacies of risk taxonomy to the strategic orchestration of Risk & Control Self-Assessment (RCSA), our engaging content covers it all. Join us in exploring key concepts and frameworks, transforming complex subjects into digestible insights. Unveil the world of risk and compliance through short, impactful videos on our web page!

How to Elevate your Risk Management Functions to the Next Level? 

Building trust and gaining a sit “at the decision-making table” is a challenge many Chief Risk Officers and risk practitioners share. I have seen risk functions ticking all regulatory boxes, having all required frameworks in place and dedicating significant resources to run all of that, while having little to no impact on their firm’s strategic and operational direction. So I hope this series of short videos can help you to elevate your game! 

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